Change Your Shower Habits

Change Your Shower Habits

If you take a look at the personal care products in your shower, chances are you will see a lot of plastic.  Some of it is recyclable, some not, but no matter what, almost every shampoo, conditioner and soap we use will come in some form of plastic.  When I was going through the house, trying to reduce waste, the shower was one area we were able to make a lot of progress.

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, it is very difficult to replace the plastics.  You can, however, find a co-op store or natural foods store that has bulk shampoo and conditioners available.  You bring your own bottle and refill it from theirs, which is of course made of plastic.  It doesn’t entirely solve the problem, but can help.  We still use the shampoo and conditioner from the store, but the bottles we buy are huge, so presumably we are saving some waste.

The biggest and most immediate change you can make is to rid yourself of those disgusting plastic poufs.  They have been popular for so long that you may not realize just how good a job a regular washcloth will do.  We have eliminated the poufs and the liquid shower soap altogether in favor of inexpensive, plastic-free bar soap and washcloths.  A washcloth for your face works just as well as expensive exfoliators too, without all the chemicals.

You can replace razors with old-fashioned straight razors with removable blades, or buy an electric razor that will long outlast a comparable amount of plastic in disposable razors.

Once you start looking around, you may find even more ways to reduce waste, and your impact on the environment, by taking a few simple steps.  Most of the time, those steps cost less too, which is an extra bonus anyone can love.