Almost Time for Line Drying Clothes

Almost Time for Line Drying Clothes

This time of year is just too exciting for words.  Although we are in the coldest month of the year for our region, I can’t help but think ahead to spring.  Next month, the snow should start to thaw and the temperatures increase, and that means warm weather is just around the corner.  Along with the warmer temperatures comes the opportunity to line dry our clothes again.  Line drying clothes in winter is possible, but it is such a hassle that we just use the dryer during the cold months.

Dryers are a pretty sizable source of pollution, though, so we try to avoid it as much as possible.  That means as soon as the spring rain stops falling, we are stringing up clothes pretty much every day.  We are a family of five with two in diapers, and we use cloth diapers, so we have a lot of laundry.

Putting clothes out on the line is such a peaceful, meditative experience for me.  I love the sounds of nature and the warm summer sun as I hang all of our clothes on our makeshift lines.  Sure, it gets tedious toward the end of the season, but it is a nice opportunity to get some quiet time and do something productive.

Clothes seem to last longer when they are line dried, too.  The fresh smell of line dried clothes just can’t be beat, and makes every minute spent hanging them well worth the effort.

What about you?  Do you line dry your clothes?  If so, do you take a break for the winter or do it year round?