Maybe It Is the Natural Course of Events

Maybe It Is the Natural Course of Events

Like many people, I am concerned about the turn our planet is taking.  Things like global warming make me very nervous, and I wonder what type of future my kids and grandkids will be facing.  But when I hear about how global warming is the end of the world and the sky is falling, I wonder just how serious it is in the bigger picture.

A climate shift like global warming might have a dramatic impact on our population, but it wouldn’t be the first time the temperatures were high.  We have all heard about the tropical age when dinosaurs were alive, so what we are potentially facing is far from new.

There have been many geological ages in our long history, and I am quite certain not all of them were influenced by pollution and automobile exhaust.  While I completely agree that the way things are going now are not good and need to be changed, I don’t think the sky is falling simply because we have a lot more cars on the road or we burn wood in our homes.

Perhaps global warming, if indeed it exists, is simply nature continuing on the path it was already headed. Ice caps came, and ice caps may go away, but they weren’t always here and the planet did just fine when they were gone before.

Things need to change, but the fate of all mankind does not rest on the back of a super efficient electric car or a reduction in industrial output, although those two things would be very nice.