Tell Congress: We Want Clean Energy

Tell Congress: We Want Clean Energy

We’ve been eagerly awaiting an energy or climate bill for years. After nearly a decade of our president and his administration pretty much ignoring climate change, we’ve been ready for some action from this new administration since—well, since before Barack Obama was even elected.

So far the environment has taken a backseat to health care on Capitol Hill—though, in the long run, it’s a similar issue, isn’t it? The survival of mankind, after all, is inexorably linked to climate change; and though we definitely need medical care to survive, we also pretty much need the planet as it stands to sustain us as well. Like one of my college science professors used to tell us—the Earth will survive us. The only question is, will we survive ourselves?

Right now, some members of Congress are working hard on an energy bill. Unfortunately, at least some of these members have special interest groups in mind—with plenty of lobbyists for various industries at their heels, greedily demanding a continuance of the current policies (or worse), which will do nothing for future generations on this planet. What we need right now does not include bowing down to corporate interests; as the growing movement across the country is vocally declaring, businesses are not humans and should not have rights as such. What we do need is a renewable and sustainable clean energy policy now.

To send a message to Congress right now, click here. Be sure to include your specific opinions, especially on subjects like climate change, wind power, and solar power. Some ideas that Solar Nation provides in their introduction to the form include “nudging” utilities and big energy users toward using renewable fuels and cleaner energy use; however, most of us know that such legislation will not go far. In fact, we know that such businesses are more likely to scoff at legislation that makes “coming clean” voluntary.

So let’s call for direct government action in holding these energy users accountable. We want vehicles running on clean energy, particularly electricity; we’ve done it before and we can do it now! We want big businesses held accountable for their environmental practices and for strict mandates on what kinds of energy they can run on, as well as waste disposal practices and stronger safety measures in place. We also want ways for the general public to easily cut down on their own emissions, solar paneling and wind power more readily available and affordable, and green jobs created from these measures.

Okay, well, at least that’s what I want! What do you want? Tell Congress today.