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Use a Dry Erase Board Instead of Paper Lists

A couple of years ago, we received a magnetic shopping list pad for Christmas.  We still have it, because we so rarely write paper lists.  The thought of using an entire sheet of paper to keep track of something for a brief time, and then tossing it in the trash, is horrific to me and I cringe every time we do it.  Instead of using something disposable, dry erase boards are a perfect way to keep track of things to do around the house, menu plans, and other lists that do not need to be portable.

For our grocery lists, we usually use the list feature on a cell phone, because it is much easier to carry with and results in zero waste.  The only trouble is that it is difficult to remember to add items sometimes, unless we just happen to have a phone nearby while cooking.  So, grocery lists can start out on a dry erase board in the kitchen and be easily transferred to a phone when it is time to go shopping.

Dry erase boards can keep track of long term goals, shopping lists for future purchases like Christmas wish lists, and many other things.  If you have children, use a dry erase board for chore lists and you don’t have to keep writing the same chores down every week.

Dry erase boards are great for keeping things organized without creating a lot of waste.  You can use them for years.  In fact, we still have a functioning dry erase board in the kitchen that was put there 20 plus years ago.