November 2011

Keystone Pipeline Project Delayed

In what could be considered a win for the environment, or maybe just a delay of the inevitable, the Keystone XL pipeline has been delayed while alternate routes are examined.  The State Department has said the study could be completed by early 2013.  Some are calling this a political move by Obama to save face with environmental groups and delay until after elections. 

Physicist and Skeptic Richard Muller Concludes That Global Warming is Real

While the concept of global warming is by no means new news, it does cause ripples when a batter for the other team suddenly changes sides.  That is what happened with prominent physicist Richard Muller, who concluded that his initial skepticism may have been unfounded after a lengthy review of existing research.

What makes this announcement even more remarkable is that the study was partially funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, which is known for funding skeptic groups and is run by two brothers involved in industries that produce large greenhouse gas emissions.