January 2013

Clorox says green consumers are ridiculous

I guess our money is ridiculous too, then, eh, Clorox?

I have always had issues with Clorox. Even as a child, my feminist mother and I mocked the “Mama’s got the magic of Clorox!” commercials that dared to suggest that dads couldn’t use the magic, whatever it was. Probably the same magic that dries out your hands and makes your eyes sting with its chemical-laden poison, eh, Clorox?

Over the years, I’ve seen them get better—a dad on a commercial!—only to regress with moms-only media again. I don’t think they understand women. You see, Clorox, even if it IS the woman doing all of the cleaning in the house, she doesn’t WANT it to be that way. She wants help, at the very least—or her husband to even take over once in a while. So maybe you should sell products with men using them to both A. get our interest by fulfilling our fantasies and B. demonstrate its use. Bingo!