All That Wrapping Paper…

All That Wrapping Paper…

Now that Christmas is over, we are left with the aftermath – a horrendous heap of trash that sums up what is wrong with this country by way of brilliant colors, glittering bows and an astounding number of cardboard boxes that used to hold fancy new items.

Now I admit, I am guilty of using wrapping paper too, but every time I wrap a present, I am so consumed with guilt that I believe I will probably be cured of my disease by the time my current batch of wrapping paper runs out.  It is hard to deny my kids their Dora and Disney papers, but at least we wrapped a majority of their presents in reusable gift bags and other items that don’t head straight to the trash.

This year, we did something different for the family gift baskets and placed the goodies in Envirosax reusable shopping bags instead.  The family loved it and we felt better for not being so wasteful.

Can you imagine if everyone switched to reusable wrapping papers, or at least recycled ones such as newspaper pages?  What a difference that would make in the environment.  And what if they did it for birthday gifts and every other type of gift too?  I’m sure the wrapping paper industry would be devastated, but they would find new ways to make money.

What about you?  Have you made the switch to all reusable or recycled wrapping paper?  How has it gone for you?  If you haven’t yet, what is holding you back?